He was a Shawnee chief and warrior who promoted resistance to the expansion of the United States onto Native American lands. A persuasive orator, Tecumseh traveled widely, forming a Native American confederacy and promoting inter-tribal unity. Although his efforts to unite Native Americans ended with his death in the War of 1812, he became an iconic folk hero in American, Indigenous, and Canadian popular history.

MuseumTecumseh Historical MuseumTecumseh
Museum Fort Mainden National Historic Site Amherstburg Ontario , Canada
DeathplaceTecumseh Parkway – monument
Moravian town
Upper Canada ( Ontario )
Burial Place
Tecumseh Cairn – Walpole Island,
 Lambton County,  OntarioCanada
Memorialplaque OttawaOntario
Memorial memorial stone and plaqueAmherstburgOntario , Canada
MonumentTecumseh MonumentThamesville-Chatham Ontario, Canada
Battle SiteTurtle-shell Tecumseh Monument at the site of the Battle of the Thames – Near Moravian of the Thames First Nation Chatham-Kent, Ontario
Battle SiteBattle of TippecanoeBattle Ground Indiana