Mormons – Timeline


1805Joseph Smith was born on 23 December, in Vermont.
1816The Smith family moved to Palmyra, New York during a time called the Second Great Awakening.
1827 On 21 September, the Angel Moroni appeared for the first time and Joseph was told about the Hill Cumorah on the next day.
1830 On 26 March, the Book of Mormon was published for the first time. On 6 April, the Church of Christ (Latter Day Saints) was founded and in October, Sidney Rigdon joined the church.
1832The First Presidency was founded by Joseph and his two counselors.
1835138 Revelations of Joseph Smith were published in the book Doctrine and Covenants.
The Kirtland Temple in Ohio, was dedicated on 27 March. In November, the Kirtland Safety Society was founded.
Due to conflicts, Mormons move to Missouri. The non-Mormon Governor from Missouri, Lilburn Boggs, issued Missouri Executive Order 44 on 27 October. In the same year, the church’s name was adopted through a revelation.
1839Joseph Smith and his followers escaped to Illinois and founded there the city Nauvoo in April.
1843Joseph Smith proclaimed baptism for the dead and polygamy.
1844Joseph Smith was killed on 27 June.
1845Brigham Young gave the first Endowments to church members, on 10 December.
1846On 4 February, the Mormon pioneers began their escape under the direction of Brigham Young. The Mexican–American War began on 25 April and the Mormon Battalion enlisted. On 30 April, the Nauvoo Temple was completed and dedicated.
1847Pioneer Day: On 24 July, the Mormon pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley. Later in the year, after leading the church as President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles for several years, Brigham Young became President of the Church. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir was founded.
1848Many thousand Mormons came over the Mormon Trail to Salt Lake City.
1849The provisional State of Deseret was organized, but was rejected by the United States Congress. The Utah Territory was proposed instead.
1857The Utah War started.
1858The Utah War ended with Brigham Young being replaced as Governor of Utah Territory.
1860The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was officially founded on 6 April.
1890The President of the Church, Wilford Woodruff, proclaimed the end of Polygamy in the 1890 Manifesto.
1942 – Many Mormon temples were constructed in Europe

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