NUMBER OF MISSIONS NAME OF MISSIONS  DESCRIPTION OF MISSIONS NOTES 1. STS-6 Deployed TDRS-A. First spacewalk during a space shuttle mission. 2. STS-7 Deployed two communications satellites. Sally Ride becomes first American woman in space. 3. STS-8 Deployed INSAT-1B. Guion Bluford becomes first African-American in space 4. STS-41-B Deployed WESTAR and Palapa B-2 communications satellites First untethered spacewalk using the Manned Maneuvering Unit. 5. STS-41-C Solar Maximum Mission service mission.   6. STS-41-G Deployed Earth Radiation Budget Satellite. Marc Garneau becomes first Canadian in space.

Kathryn D. Sullivan becomes first American woman to make a spacewalk.

7. STS-51-B Carried Spacelab-3.   8. STS-51-F Carried Spacelab-2. Only STS mission to abort after launch. 9. STS-61-A Carried German Spacelab D-1. Wubbo Ockels becomes the first Dutchman in space 10. STS-51-L Was to have deployed TDRS-B. Shuttle disintegrated after launch, killing all seven astronauts on board


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