Fort Cooper

Name of BattlefieldDescription
Fort CooperFort Cooper was a temporary fort that was established on 1 Apr 1836 by Major Mark Anthony Cooper, 1st Georgia Volunteers during the Second Seminole War. The troops had been en route to Fort Drane to unite with other troops for a new campaign against the Indians. Major Cooper was tasked to stay behind with the sick and wounded. A fort was completed in five days and the volunteers were able to beat off the attacks.
The fort itself was built as a square palisade with two inner redoubts and a two-story blockhouse with a 6-pounder cannon mounted in it. The new fort came under constant attack by several hundred hostile Seminole Indians for 13 straight days. A relief column arrived on 18 Apr 1836 and the post was abandoned after 18 days.
The site was used by the Confederates forces during the U.S. Civil War until it was captured by Union forces in February 1864.