Early Auto Manufacturers

PEUGEOT, FRANCE 1810 Leon Serpollent – steam – 1889, IC car – 1890 (using Panhard-Daimler engine)
TATRA, CZECH REPUBLIC 1850 Prasident – IC car – 1897
STUDEBAKER, SOUTH BEND, IN, USA 1852 Made carriages. First electric car in 1902, gas cars later
OPEL, GERMANY 1862 Opel Patent Motor Car – gas-1899
BENZ 1883 Patent Motorwagon (Motorwagen) – 1885, Other models Vis-à-vis, Victoria etc
SKODA, CZECH REPUBLIC 1895 Motorcycles in 1899, cars in 1905
LANCASTER STEAM MOTOR 1895 Steam Cars in 1896, gas cars in 1907, Became Leyland and later Land Rover
DURYEA MOTOR WAGON COMPANY, MA, USA 1895 First proto-type Motor Wagon, 1893, Production models in 1895, First IC car built in the US
WINTON CAR CO., CLEVELAND, OH, USA 1897 First IC car made in 1897
RENAULT, FRANCE 1898 Voiturette – gas car – 1898
FIAT, ITALY 1899 Fiat 4-HP in 1899
COLUMBIA ELECTROCAR CO., HARTFORD, CT, USA 1899 First Electrocar in 1904
BAKER ELECTRIC CO.,CLEVELAND, OH, USA 1899 First Electric Model in 1902
BUICK, FLINT, MI, USA 1899 First two were made in 1899, 1900 and later in 1904
DETROIT MOTOR COMPANY, DETROIT, MI, USA 1899 Henry Ford’s first company, Made the first model in 1900
PACKARD, WARREN, OH, USA 1899 First car built in 1899
WHITE CAR CO., CLEVELAND, OH, USA 1900 Made First Steam car in 1900. Made many luxury steam later
PEERLESS CO., CLEVELAND, OH, USA 1900 First cars made in 1902, with License from French Company De Dion Button
HENRY FORD COMPANY, Later became CADILLAC in 1902, DETROIT, MI, USA 1901/1902 Henry Ford’s second company,
FORD MOTOR COMPANY, DETROIT, MI, USA 1903 First Model A made in 1903