Elvis Presley

Regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of 20th century.

Birthplace Birthplace Home Tupelo Mississippi
Church Assembly of God Church, Tupelo Mississippi
Lawhon School Attended First Grade Tupelo Mississippi
Mississippi-Alabama fair site Participated in the first singing contest Tupelo Mississippi
High School Humes Preparatory Academy Middle School Memphis Tennessee
House Lauderdale Courts Memphis Tennessee
House Presley Ranch Home Memphis Tennessee
Concert Venue Overton Levitt Shell, Site of first public concert Memphis Tennessee
Studio Marker Chips Moman’s American Sound Studio site Memphis Tennessee
Family Home Graceland Memphis Tennessee
Deathplace Graceland Memphis Tennessee



Boyhood sites: Church, School

Tupelo Sites: Hardware store, where his mother bought the first guitar

Mayhorn Grocery Store: Elvis used to go, sit outside and listen to music

County Fair Site: Site of Elvis’ first singing competition

House in Memphis:

High School in Memphis: Humes High School

Another House in Memphis

Graceland: His mansion in Memphis

Elvis Museum near Graceland

He died in Graceland on Aug 16, 1977.

He was initially buried at Forest Hill Cemetery but reburied at Graceland

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