Fort Foster state historic site

Name of WarDescription
Fort Foster state historic siteIn January 1837, the Army Soldiers were relieved to search out hostiles and build other forts. Fort Foster continued to be garrisoned as a supply post by Navy Lieutenant Thomas J. Leib, two midshipmen and about 50 sailors from USS Concord. The 3rd and 4th Artillery Regiments provided Lt. Leib with 20 artillerymen to man the six-pound iron gun and twelve-pound howitzer to assist defending the fortification and bridge.
The site was significant for skirmishes in February 1837 during the Second Seminole War, when the Sailors from USS Concord and the Artillerymen resisted hostile Seminole attacks and their attempts to burn the bridge. In March 1837, the Sailors were relieved by members of the 1st and 2nd Artillery Regiments and 25 members of the Creek Indian Volunteers. During the summer, the fort was abandoned because reduced hostilities and increases of disease among its forces.
Fort Foster was reactivated in the fall of 1837 to the summer 1838 to act as a supply post. Then it remained abandoned until 1841-1842, and again in 1849 when it only opened for short periods to meet the needs of the military when Seminole activity threatened